10 Ways to Increase Credit Score

There are strategies you can follow that will help you increase your credit score, and keep your credit score where you want it. Having your credit score be the best it can be is important if you plan on making a large purchase in the future. Showing a solid trend of good credit and responsible choices can help you get the purchase you want to make with a reasonable interest rate. Creditors want to see that they will get their money back without a hassle. So right now there are things you can do to increase your score. Below here are ten things to take into consideration.

1. Check your credit report – You are allowed one full copy of each of the three credit reports each year for free. In addition to disputes, you can also have good accounts added that are missing.

2. Remove negatives from your credit report – If there are any negatives on your credit report that seem incorrect, repetitive, or unfair, then you can dispute these issues with the credit agency or directly with the creditor. This is where identity theft can be erased as well. If you keep an eye on your credit report, you can keep the negative off, and keep adding the positive.If you would like to reach out professionals to take care of this process for you, we suggest hiring a reputable company like Credit Repair Las Vegas .

3. Increase your credit – This does not necessarily mean open a new credit card or spend more money. Basically, the credit agencies look at your revolving credit. This means that if you use a lower percentage of your credit line available, it will increase your credit score. It shows responsibility. You can easily ask your creditor for the increase in limit. But do not do it if they need to check your credit score to do so. A company checking your credit is a hit to your score.

4. Pay off your debt – This is the obvious tip. The less money you owe on the credit extended to you, the better your score will be. That is why reducing your debt as much as possible will help increase your score. This also lowers the amount of interest you will pay. This may take time, but overall it is the best thing you can do for your score.

5. Spend less money – In addition to lowering your revolving credit, charging less on your credit card in general will increase your credit score. The credit bureaus look at your statement’s closing balance, not how much you paid off of it that month. The less you charge the better it will look.
6. Consolidate – Having more than one credit card from the same issuer does not make sense first of all. Second, consolidating the cards together will increase the average age of your revolving debt and does not reduce your total credit limit. Just contact the issuer and ask if this is possible.

7. Pay your bills on time – One of the most important and simple things you can do to increase your credit score is to pay all of your bills before it is due. Each time you are late on your payments; your credit score takes a hit. Set up automatic payments or create a calendar and stay organized.

8. Be patient – Did you know that the big negatives, such as a debt going into collections, can last for seven to ten years on your credit report? If it is fair and accurate, you will not be able to get it removed. Although this cannot be avoided, what is done is done, use it as a lesson learnt going forward, and do these other things to help increase your score.

9. Watch for identity theft – You should do everything you can to prevent identity theft. This crime is going up in numbers, and it can seriously affect your credit score. Some things you can do to prevent identity theft include – review all of your account statements and look for anything incorrect, avoid sharing personal details on social media or anywhere for that matter, use an RFID protected wallet, and choose hard to guess passwords.

10. Have accounts in your name – If you do not have any accounts, such as savings, checking, or a utility bill, in your own name and not shared, then you should consider opening one. You have to build your own credit in your name and start building your credit history.

Following the above ten steps will ensure an increase in your credit scores.

Strategies for Removing a Bankruptcy Record

A bankruptcy record is by far the most crushing type of bad credit; having a bankruptcy on your credit report will wreak havoc on your credit score. Even worse, Chapter 7 bankruptcies stay on your report for up to ten years. The following two-step method can help you get a bankruptcy item removed from your credit report to help fix your credit.

Most Americans will have between eight and twenty four individual accounts included in their credit report’s bankruptcy listing. The major credit reporting agencies refer to the named accounts as public reports of a bankruptcy. When a  bankruptcy verification request is run through the credit bureaus automated system, the software pulls only one of the reports in order to verify that the bankruptcy record is correct and should remain in the file. But what if the report the system pulls is missing? The system indicates that the bankruptcy is not verified and has to be removed by law from the credit report forever!

Therefore, the game plan here is to delete as many of those reports as you can from your credit file first, prior to you disputing the actual bankruptcy itself. The more reported items you can remove, the higher your odds of removing the bankruptcy successfully.

Always dispute the actual bankruptcy . If it comes back as verified, you can send in continuous disputes based on any of the reasons stated in the credit agencies dispute categories. Always submit proper documentation to back up extra disputes, otherwise the credit companies could view your dispute as untrustworthy and not choose to further investigate the item. The more times they have to investigate the line item, the higher the probability they will use one of the line item reports you have deleted to confirm the bankruptcy, and in due time it should be removed from your credit permanently.If you cannot get the bankruptcy removed after all these steps then hiring a credit repair company such as Credit Repair Dallas would be highly recommended and they are experts in dealing with the credit reporting agencies and guarantee results.Sometimes it takes a little extra push from the professionals to get the credit bureaus to comply with the law.

Best Home Builders In Vail Colorado

If you have decided on building a new home for yourself as well as for your family, then you can pretty much understand the paramount work laid out in front of you. This is because getting a house built is no easy task. It is also not something which can be completed in a handful of months. In order to build your dream home, the first thing that you would have to do is look for the best home builders in Vail. After all, your home also does not deserve anything less than the best.
Now that you know that you would have to step out in search of home builders, you can see that the task is not as easy as it seems. This is because you might have tons of options laid out right in front of you. But the bigger challenge is for you to find the best amongst all the mediocre others. Therefore, in order to do that, you can consider some of the following steps which have been outlined below:
Get your needs defined
Before going out to search for a home builder, you would need to understand that the search process in fact starts right from home. This is because firstly you would need to get your needs defined. Now this is something which again cannot be done in the matter of a couple of hours. In addition, it is also one of those things which you would need to discuss with your other family members. After most of the major parts have been decided on, it will be easier for you to communicate all this with your home builder. Also, since the home builders are the professionals, then they will also be able to provide their insight and input. This can also help in making your dream home better than what you had visualized.
Look for experience
When going in to new home construction, it is important that you look for experience. Being a home builder, it is quite unlikely that anybody is in business without having a fair amount of experience. So based on the kind of home that you are looking for, it would be good to see how much experience they have accumulated.
Check with the past clients
One way of knowing how good and capable a home builder is by getting some information from their past clients. In the modern day and age, thanks to the internet, this is considered to be a very easy task. All you would have to do is visit their website and read the testimonials of clients. This would help you in getting a much more in-depth knowledge and insight about the kind of work that they do.

Last but not least, you would want to verify that a home builder Vail Colorado is completely licensed and insured. This would help you in keeping yourself secure in case anything seems to go wrong or things do not work out according to plan. After all, it is always better to be safe rather than sorry.